Rayon Foundation supports residents of Ajaena-Dor Nor to celebrate Christmas

Source: Joy News

The Rayon Foundation has extended its benevolence to deprived residents of Adjena-Dornor in the Asugyaman District of the Eastern Region.

The organisation distributed food items and clothing to the residents to help them celebrate Christmas. 

Majority of the Adjena-Dornor community lack some basic amenities as residents live impoverished lifestyles depending on the little income from their farming and trading activities. 

The road to the community is in a very bad state as sections continue to wear off. 

The Assembly Member for the area, David Duwornu, said that the road was awarded for construction but “nothing has been done to that effect”. 

He also lamented the deprived state of the community market where the residents ply their trade, selling farm produce among others.

The residents are compelled to share ponds of water with animals as there is no source of potable water in the community. 

Learning of the plights of the residents and taking into consideration the current economic hardship, Rayon Foundation coordinated a donation exercise for the residents. 

People from all walks of life donated to the cause to help Adjena-Dornor residents celebrate Christmas. 

Rice, cooking oil, drinks, clothes and shoes were distributed among the residents. 

The Founder and President of Rayon Foundation, Ray Hockey, explained that his team was touched by the challenges of the residents and hence decided “to put smiles on their faces this Christmas.” 

He added that his outfit will also extend its livelihood support programme to the community to help the residents, especially women acquire skills to enable them to engage in economic activities to enhance their livelihoods. 

He extended an open invitation to all and sundry to support the Rayon Foundation’s worthy cause of helping the less privileged in society. 

The residents appreciated the kind gesture from Rayon Foundation and appealed that they visit them every year.

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