A Million Little Miracles

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Mid-Year Donation @ Hodzo – 11th August 2024


Rayon Foundation, under the visionary leadership of Jonathan Ray Hockey, was established with a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide holistic support for vulnerable individuals and communities, with a special focus on reaching rural areas, promoting spiritual growth, education, healthcare, and sustainable development.


To see deprived communities as a place of great mutual assistance, ecological lifestyle, positive and promoting the gospel of Christ.


To address the pressing needs of underserved communities and promote equality, dignity, and well-being for all people.

Our Core Values

  • Guided by the Spirit
  • Embracing Generosity
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Championing Diversity
  • Exemplifying Love
  • Fostering Inclusiveness

Empowering individuals and communities in marginalized areas through charitable initiatives

The Grace Project

The Grace Project is a compassionate initiative with a singular, guiding purpose: to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ and His gospel of love and redemption.

Through the Grace Project, we extend support to individuals, families, and communities. Our outreach includes sharing the word of God, with the intent of making Jesus known and appreciated. We also distribute free clothing, food items, and other essentials as deliberate acts of kindness to those less privileged in our communities.

Our Focus Areas

Gospel Outreach

Sharing the love of Christ, transforming lives through the message of hope and salvation.


Empowering minds, providing quality learning opportunities for all, fostering growth and development.


Promoting wellness, ensuring access to vital healthcare services for underserved communities.


Advocating for cleaner environments, improving public health through enhanced sanitation facilities.


Supporting the vulnerable, offering compassionate care and assistance to those in need.


Building sustainable futures, driving community development projects that create lasting change.

A Million Little Miracles

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