Rayon Foundation

Rayon Foundation

Who We Are

Rayon Foundation is a vibrant, growing, Christ-centric foundation missioned to reach every city, town, and village in Ghana and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to providing education, healthcare, childcare, good sanitation and hygiene, orphanage support, women empowerment, care for the aged, and making Jesus famous.

Our Objectives

  • Offering life transformation teachings and counseling – making Jesus famous
  • Provision of food and clothing to the underprivileged
  • Creating awareness of healthcare and promoting sanitation and hygiene
  • Empowering the youth, and carrying out community-based projects
  • Helping the less privileged people and communities break the cycle of poverty that prevents them from reaching their full potential
Rayon Foundation

The Grace Project

The main objective of the grace project is to make Jesus famous by reaching out to people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The one who died and rose again. He is in front of us healing the broken heart. The grace project assists individuals, families, and communities through sharing the word of God, making Jesus famous, sharing free clothes, and provision of free food which is a deliberate act of kindness to the less privileged in our communities.

Enabling the disabled

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