Rayon Foundation is a vibrant, Christ-centered organization, driven by a mission to reach every city, town, and village in Ghana and beyond with the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ, promoting spiritual growth, hope, and community development.

The Grace Project

The Grace Project is a compassionate initiative with a singular, guiding purpose: to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ and His gospel of love and redemption. We aim to honor Jesus, who sacrificed His life and rose again, by sharing His message of grace and hope.

Through the Grace Project, we extend support to individuals, families, and communities. Our outreach includes sharing the word of God, with the intent of making Jesus known and appreciated. We also distribute free clothing, food items, and other essentials as deliberate acts of kindness to those less privileged in our communities.


We believe education is a pathway out of poverty. Our programs provide resources, scholarships, and mentorship to improve access to quality education for all, regardless of their circumstances.


We strive to improve health outcomes through access to medical care, preventive health programs, and nutrition initiatives. Our efforts also focus on mental health, providing counseling and support services.


Clean water and proper sanitation are fundamental rights. We implement clean water projects and waste management systems to improve living conditions and prevent waterborne diseases.


We offer care services for vulnerable groups, including orphans, the elderly, and those with special needs. Our programs provide safe spaces, emotional support, and essential care.


We foster economic growth and sustainability through skills training, microfinance initiatives, and community development projects. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities to achieve self-sufficiency.

Clothing Donation

Our clothing donation program aims to provide essential clothing to individuals and families in need. By collecting and distributing gently used and new garments, we ensure that underserved communities have access to adequate clothing.

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